About Us

iStock_000022998720SmallThank you for your interest in Carolina Billing Services. Our goal is to partner with private and government EMS agencies to increase their revenues through our unique billing expertise.

As owners of a private ambulance service for over 12 years, we learned first-hand the importance of an efficient, cost-effective billing service.

We outsourced our billing during our first year of operation, and our collection rate was very low, making operations difficult.  In our quest for improved collections, we learned that many billing services focus on the primary payee only, making little effort to go after other potential reimbursement.  Most billing companies aren’t willing to invest time and energy into more exhaustive billing, but in many cases that revenue could make the difference between profit and loss for the client.

With this in mind, we took over our own billing, and our business turned around financially.  Not only were profits higher, but we were also able to focus our energies on other aspects of the business, such as growth.

Carolina Billing Services is ready to put this experience to work for you.